Released in 1986, Tony Scott’s ‘Top Gun’ starred Tom Cruise as a young pilot nicknamed Maverick who, along with his pal Goose (Anthony Edwards), gets the chance to train at the Navy’s prestigious Fighter Weapons School at Miramar in San Diego, also known as “Top Gun.” The action-packed film was a rousing success, thanks in part to Cruise’s charisma and rapidly increasing star power, assisted by co-stars like Val Kilmer and Kelly McGillis and a hit soundtrack. Let’s revisit the cast and see how they all look now!

Tom Cruise, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell

Fun Fact: In 2006, October 10 was officially termed as “Tom Cruise Day” in the land of the rising sun, Japan. The reason for this declaration was that Tom Cruise is the actor that has made maximum visits to Japan, more than any other Hollywood star.

Kelly McGillis, Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood

Fun Fact: Kelly McGillis has nothing but great memories of filming “Top Gun” in spite of the fact that she had to go back to shoot the movie’s iconic love scene after filming had supposedly wrapped. She was doing another movie and wouldn’t cut her hair. In the elevator scene, which was shot at that time as well, they put her in a baseball cap. And then [in the love scene] it was all silhouette because she had dark brown hair.

Val Kilmer, Tom “Iceman” Kazansky

Fun Fact: Kilmer was originally offered the lead role in “Dirty Dancing”. He turned down the role because he didn’t want to obtain the image of a “hunk” in Hollywood.

Anthony Edwards, Nick “Goose” Bradshaw

Fun Fact: He had a relationship with Meg Ryan [1986-1987].

Tom Skerritt, Mike “Viper” Metcalf

Fun Fact: He’s 6 feet tall and has been married 3 times (Julie Tokashiki, Susan Ellen Aran and Charlotte Shanks).

Michael Ironside, Rick “Jester” Heatherly

Fun Fact: He was cast as the voice of Xanar in Stan Lee’s upcoming Mighty 7! He has given his voice to Sam Fisher in the fourth installment of Tom Clancy’s Splinter cell : Double Agent. He lent his voice to several animated shows, including ‘Superman: The Animated Series,’ ‘Justice League’ and ‘Justice League Unlimited.

John Stockwell, Bill “Cougar” Cortell

Fun Fact: His wife, Helene Henderson, is a native of Sweden of African decent. She owns and runs Lavender Farms Catering, which uses organic food and is popular in the entertainment community.

Tim Robbins, Sam “Merlin” Wells

Fun Fact: While playing hockey in High School, Tim Robbins was kicked off the hockey team because of his propensity to pick fights on and off field. And he is 6’5” tall. He is on record as being the tallest actor to have won an Oscar in the history of the Academy Awards.

Meg Ryan, Carole Bradshaw

Fun Fact: Meg Ryan appeared in a Burger King commercial.

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