Forgotten items from the past

Times are changing so rapidly! Some things you will never see again or be able to find especially parts to make them work. What was our normal is now just a blast from the past as seen in these images. How many do you remember?

Smoking Advertisment

These ads were in every magazine. They made smoking look cool and they decided that it was wrong to make smoking look this good. No more TV ads or billboards either!

Bubble Gum Cigarettes

When you blew into one, smoke came out. Eventually, they decided that it was wrong to do this. And let’s not forget the candy cigarettes either! I remember my parents lighting it so we could look like we were smoking!

Blockbuster Video

These video stores are long gone. Nobody rents videos these days. Although some convenience store still rent movies and games.

Be Kind Rewind

Back when we were renting videos, we often forgot to rewind them which was really inconvenient for the next person. Now, we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Drive Thru Fotomat

Back in the day we used to have our film developed and this was the most convenient way to do this. I miss having that feeling of picking up your developed film to see what image you captured! Now, we have gone digital.

Camera With Flash Cubes

Try and find a 126 cartridge or a 110 film, it is so obsolete. Remember not being able to take any indoor pictures because your flash cubes were all spent. The clicking noise when you had to wind the film to take picture #1 and constant winding to make sure the film was all in the done end of the cartridge. Making sure the flash cube turned as well.

Rotary Push Mower

Since gasoline dominates the world now, there’s no way we will ever use these to cut lawns ever again. Imagine what a kid would charge you these days to mow your yard with one of these!

The Brick Cell Phone

This was the first hand-held cell phone on the market and now we have phones that are much better than these.

Rotary Dial Pay Phone

If you couldn’t afford a cell phone, you had to use one of these. Nowadays, everyone has a cell phone. Remember the old phone booths with a phonebook and a small bench with the folding door for privacy? Yep, gone now.

Rabbit Ears

These died the day our TV’s went digital. I do miss the sound of the rotary antenna that made the movement noise as the antenna on top of your home went to the direction you turned the dial to.

Cigarette Dispensers

These used to be located in lobbies, airports, restaurants, you name it! Finally, they decided that it made it easier for kids to get their hands on a pack. So, they disappeared.