The 1980’s was the best decade ever! Times were about to change with technology advancing and forever changed our daily lives. Everything was easier, more family oriented and less stressful. Though we will never get back to those of carefree living…we can at least enjoy the memories through photos and songs and catch phrases. This is why we love the 80’s!

The Cartoons


No decade had better cartoons than the 1980’s! Hanna Barbera went all out and brought us iconic Saturday morning bliss. First to the TV set got to choose what we watched! We still had the smaller televisions with no remotes and some even had the antenna’s you had to manually dial in to get that channel.


Breakfast Cereals


We made sure our parents had our favorite cereal to eat while plopping ourselves down in front of our favorite cartoons! Though not as healthy as they should of been, we didn’t care. This only made us a bit wired up so after cartoons were over…we all went outdoors to play!

80’s Movies


The 80’s gave us such iconic movies! As VHS tapes started to roll out, we could record our favorites off the TV to watch later after we came in from playing outdoors or when it was raining outside. I bet some of you still have your old VHS tapes and watch them with your kids.

TV Shows


What a great time for TV! Hollywood started making television much more entertaining for us all. Many great actors got their start from sitcoms and specials.



We welcomed the hair bands! The more gnarly the hair and crazy outfits the more we loved them! Music was our way of expression. Hair bands became very popular though our parents weren’t too keen of them. The disco era was over and rap and pop music was entering the scene. A shout out to Run DMC for making rap what it is today.



Exercise VHS tapes hit the scene and brought us many new fashions. Clothing changed drastically since the 70’s! The bright and crazy colors made us more popular in school. High tops, high socks, high waisted jeans and shoulder pads were in. Jordache and Members Only jackets made a big splash with young and old alike. hammertime or parachute pants were a must in everyone’s closets!





The toy scene was emerging for more electronic handheld and tv show themed toys. Even the fast food chains were getting in on it. Toys are what made the kids happy! Some of these retro toys are worth a bunch of money these days. Dig your old box of toys out of the attic and price a few!



Who can forget “Please be kind, rewind!” Cassettes were fixed with a simple pencil and mixed tapes were all the rage. You could pop your mix tape in your boombox and make any social gathering a party! Technology was rushing forward at a high rate of speed. Nothing we could do to stop it. It took away the easier and simpler way we did things and cost us a bunch more money to move ahead with them.


Video Games


Move over Pong…there’s a new game in town and it’s called NES! We welcomed Mario, Donkey Kong and Duck Hunt in just to name a few. It was the start of something big! Now there are so many game and gaming products on the market…it’s way to confusing and hard to even try to figure out what buttons to push to make them do what you want them to.


Hair Styles



The bigger and longer the better! Hair spray was a staple in every bathroom…even at school. we made sure we teased our hair up as high as we could get it and sprayed half a bottle of hair spray on it to make it stay that way. Men sported long and wild hairdos too.



Ever catch yourself saying an 80’s phrase or word and everyone stops to stare at you? Remember how like how “gag me with a spoon” was so popular! Times sure have changed. The words and catchphrases from the 80’s was so non offensive as the things kids say today. Most people today still don’t get it when “where’s the beef?” is said. Us 80’s fan sure do though! It’s just radical dude!!!