10 things miss from the 80s

Growing up in the 80’s had to be the coolest era ever! It’s the simpler things and way of life we miss so much…such as these shown here. Leave a comment what you miss the most from the 1980’s era.

Going To The Arcade

Grab some quarters or stock up on tokens! This was more than just a place to play video games. We used to meet our friends here as well and spend the whole day together.

Wearing Watches

We had plenty of choices and it was a great accessory to have to show off your personal interests! How many “Swatches” did you own? As a person today what time it is…they will have to pull out their cell phone. Everyone relies on their cell phone for the time.

Lunch Boxes

Remember how cool it was o have the most gnarly metal lunch box in the cafeteria? Brown bags are the new in thing.

Decorated Jean Jackets

We were on button overload back then and it was totally acceptable. Who didn’t own a Jordache stone washed jean jacket with as many buttons and pins you could fit on it!?

Ice Cream Truck

When we heard the music that the ice cream truck played, we were soo excited! We couldn’t wait to get a treat! Luckily, I still have an ice cream truck cruise my block but the prices are out of this world!

Boom Box

Getting the party started with one of these was super cool! We had to make sure we had spare C & D batteries though. Man, they sure took a lot of them too!

Molly Ringwald

She was a kind of beauty that we all felt was natural and even attainable. For that reason, it like she was she was the girl next door. Girls these days are too shiny and fake. Her movies are such classics!

Easy Video Game Controller

Admit it! It takes time to learn all of the things our new video game controllers do today. However, back then, it was a piece of cake! No way I can figure out today’s systems!

Bold Gestures

These days, we struggle every time we hit “send”. That’s as bold as it gets and it’s sad that nobody tries harder than that anymore.

Hanging Out

Do you notice that nobody in this picture has a cell phone? Therefore, when we hung out we were forced to spend time together. That’s how we made friends. You get a couple teens together today and all will be fidgeting with a cell phone.