This Is What Michael Jackson Would Look Like Today If He Did Not Have Surgery

What would Michael Jackson look like today?

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is without a doubt one of the most incredible musicians the world has ever seen. As well as his dance moves, amazing range and musical diversity, Jackson is famed for his ever-changing appearance, which was aided heavily by the amount of surgery he’d undergone.

He started his career as an angel-faced 5-year-old, and was rocketed to stardom as the lead singer due to his brilliant vocal skills and dancing.

Jackson 5

Michael Jackson

At the age of 13, he launched a solo career alongside his work with the Jackson 5 and quickly found himself with a number one single. Over the years his success multiplied, and he became an icon and a legend.

A perfect version of himself



Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Along with the pressure of fame and the mounting tensions behind the scenes, Jackson began searching for a perfect version of himself, which led him down the path of surgery.

Appearance changed drastically

 Jackson Freeman 1995

His appearance changed drastically over the years, and his face and changing skin colour were constantly in the news. He was diagnosed with vitiligo which would explain the change, but many believe it’s due to skin bleaching.

Jackson would look like today


A documentary that aired in 2015 has been given a new lease of life this week, after an image that shows what Jackson would look like today with no cosmetic surgery went viral.

Difference is astounding


Given how he looked towards the end of his life, the difference is astounding.

Michael Jackson

Despite his issues, he’ll forever remain a musical genius.