14 Forgotten Things Kids Used To Do Outdoors!

It used to be kids played outdoors all the time, from dawn to dusk.  But nowadays kids know nothing about these childhood things we used to do outdoors as kids thanks to technology.


We caught tadpoles in the neighborhood creek. They looked like little fish.

Rolling Down Hills

This occupied much of our time and it was sometimes scary when we were going too fast!

Drink From The Garden Hose

I doubt that kids today ever spend enough time outside to get thirsty. We did and so we drank from the hose instead of running inside for a glass of water.

Bike Riding

This was how we got around, even until dark. And the banana seats and handle bars allowed us to take on passengers! When the street lights came on, head for home!

Jump Rope

This was great exercise but back then, it was just something fun to do! We even had songs we sang to count how many jumps you had done seeing who could get the highest number.

Red Light – Green Light

We lined up and waited to hear the words, “green light”, then we would run as fast as we could until someone said “red light”. Whoever got to the end first, won. “Mother May I” was also a favorite. You asked the “Mother” person if you could take so many steps or hops but had to make sure you said “Mother May I” or they would reply “NO, you may not”.

Mud Pies

Kids today must think we are so primitive when we say that we actually did this! Of course we didn’t really eat them but oh how pretty we could make them with grass and dandelions!

Hide & Seek

This was the ultimate game. And the more the merrier. All the neighborhood kids got in on the action! We would follow it up with a game of “Capture The Flag” using 2 makeshift flags and choosing opposite sides of the house to make teams. Find their flag, bring it back to your side and you won!

Jungle Gym

There were lots of playgrounds to go to and if you were brave enough, you would tackle this! Playgrounds now are all about the Kingdom Castles.


Players are eliminated for: Failing to hit the ball into another square. Allowing the ball to bounce more than once in their own square. Hitting the ball out of bounds or onto an inside line. Hitting the ball incorrectly, such as holding, catching or carrying. Hitting the ball with a part of the body that are not hands. It was also known as downball, squareball, block ball, box ball, champ or king’s square.


Drawing these on the ground was an easy way to spend hours of fun. This outdoor game has been around for over 300 years yet kids today have no clue how to play.


Most of us had this set somewhere on the property. It was great fun especially at family reunions!

Tether Ball

You either had this at school but some of us even had this at home.

Tent Building

Throw a sheet or two across a clothesline and voila…you had a tent. Sleepovers were a must and bringing snacks while telling scary stories under the stars was a great Friday night. We made sure we caught enough lightning bugs in a jar as our nightlight!