By now most everyone knows Bret Michaels as the lead singer of the rock band Poison but there are some personal things about him you should know.  he is well known for the bandana he wears and the red ones are his favorites. He’s had his own reality show called “Rock Of Love.”  His passion for music and life goes above and beyond. Now That’s The 80s presents a few less known facts you should know!

He grew up in Western Pennsylvania in Butler, Pennsylvania.


When he was a child, he wanted to be two things. He either wanted to be a musician or race motorcycles.


The song that he’s been singing in the shower is Bruno Mars “Uptown Funk.” He says it gets him going!


He thinks he’s not a good dancer but when he does dance he loves him some Cee-Lo Green to move to.


His favorite Poison song to play live is ‘Nothing But A Good Time’ and ‘Talk Dirty To Me.’ Those two are just awesome energy.”


“‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ was inspired by a break-up in his life with a girl that he had met. He thought we had it all going on and that did not turn out to be. he wrote it in Dallas, Texas, in a laundromat, waiting for his clothes to dry. Way, way way, long time ago.”

He was asked: “what’s the best song you’ve ever written?” And his response was: “I think, songs are like kids, you love them all. And as the father of two beautiful daughters, you love them all, they’re all different but again probably one that influenced my life the most was probably ‘Something to Believe In’ with Poison and ‘A Beautiful Soul.’ I wrote [‘A Beautiful Soul’] after I had my brain [hemorrhage] and heart surgery.”


His favorite bandana color is red!


His favorite motto is “live by your passion.”