The Hottest 80s Music Video Vixens Then And Now

Music videos were basically invented in the 1980s, and they certainly defined an era, as well as a generation. When MTV first hit people’s living rooms’ it was like magic had descended to Earth, as every kid and adult alike began to listen to their favorite chart-topping track, while watching a usually psychedelic music video, to accompany it. It was pure heaven, and it was new! The videos just seemed to get better and better, and almost always featured stunning women, AKA Vixens, who made the videos even more popular and even iconic in some cases. Here we take a look at some of the hottest ’80s music video vixens, and where they are in the here and now…

Mak Gilchrist – “Addicted To Love”

Mak had that classic 80s vixen look about her, and being that she was already a model, the skip into the world of music videos was an easy one. She did a few music videos, with this one being the best known.80s-video-vixens-02
At the age of 48, Mak looks distinctly different from how she did in her younger days. She is a lot blonder and she was the face of Chanel Allure, as well as numerous others. She also owns a community gardening project called the Edible Bus Stop.

Bobbie Brown – “Cherry Pie”

She was quintessentially 80s and had a serious cult-like following back then. She won the Miss Louisiana Teen USA pageant in 1987, and starred in at least four ’80s music videos. Most people remember her red lips from ‘Cherry Pie.’ A true 80s vixen if ever there was one.80s-video-vixens-04
How much difference a few decades can make, and just look at Bobbie now! She joined the cast of the Fuse reality show ‘Ex-Wives of Rock’ in 2012, and also runs an online clothing store.

Lillian Muller – “Hot For Teacher”

Do you remember this beautiful blonde bombshell? She was that Norwegian Playboy model who wore a sexy bikini, while pretending to be a chemistry teacher, in that very 80s music video, and is considered a true vixen.80s-video-vixens-23Muller has aged well, very well, being that she looks so amazing at 63! Ever since her Playboy days, Muller has kept busy, mainly with modeling and acting, and was even voted PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 in 2010.

Tawny Kitaen – “Here I Go Again”

She started her acting career back in 1983 in that low-budget TV show, Malibu. When she dated the lead singer of Whitesnake, David Coverdale, she officially became a video vixen after featuring in “Here I go Again.”80s-video-vixens-08
These days, Tawny, who has had a lot of ‘work’ done to stay looking young and beautiful, is a regular feature on VH1 reality shows and also does some real acting.

Lisa Vanderpump – “Poison Arrow”

Bet you don’t remember Lisa from this 80s music video. Here is the “Housewives” starlet in all her glory. she began acting at the age of 9, and featured in the 1973 movie, “A Touch of Class.” She carried on acting for many good years after that.80s-video-vixens-10
At the age of 55, Lisa is known across America, and is one of those stars who seems to have gotten better with time. After making it big on ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,’ as well as her own show, ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ she has also danced with the stars, and is a big name, for better or for worse.

Sharise Neil – “Girls, Girls, Girls”

This was an epic 80s music video, with a punchy song to go with it. She was a model and a mud wrestler, for her sins, back then and featured in the video which was banned from MTV in 1987 for being too racy.80s-video-vixens-12
Can you believe she’s over 50?! Still stunning, Neil, works in fashion and is currently designing her latest clothing line. When she isn’t doing that, she stars in VH1’s “Ex-Wives of Rock.”

Christie Brinkley – “Uptown Girl”

A classic for all those of you who were ‘of age’ in the 80s. The song was sublime and the video even more so. Featuring the stunning Brinkley, who was a highly successful model in her day, she was discovered in Paris and featured on more than one Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition covers.80s-video-vixens-14
She is 62, and still looks almost as stunning as she did in the old days. Interestingly she met Billy Joel, who wrote and sung ‘Uptown Girl,’ on the island of St. Barts in 1983. At the time he was dating Elle MacPherson, but he soon left her for Brinkley. They lasted 11 years, splitting up in 1994.

Macha Bennet-Shephard – “Sister Christian”

An oldie but a goodie, in the form of Macha Bennet-Shephard, better known as “Annie Hubbard” from a music video. She starred in the music video “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger! She changed her name and vanished from the world of TV and the music industry for reasons still unknown.80s-video-vixens-16
A chap called Marc Tyler Nobleman, who calls himself a “pop archaeologist” went through some hoops and tracked her down, taking this pic of her. She now spends her time attending to her children and also owns her own image consultancy firm.

Ola Ray – “Thriller”

“Thriller” was hands down the scariest yet most addicting music video of the 1980s and defined and era. Most remember this girl’s petrified face, when the zombies raise up from their graves. She was a Playboy model in 1980, but became best-known for her part in one of the biggest music videos of the time.80s-video-vixens-18
She had one of the first iconic music video roles and with one of the greatest performers ever! And at 54, Ray vanished from the entertainment industry for the most part since her role in Thriller. She made the headlines in 2009 when she sued Michael Jackson for royalties.

Paulina Porizkova – “Drive”

She was so stunning, people would try their best to freeze frame their VHS video system just to gaze into her eyes. She hit the catwalks back in the 80s, and was on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue at least twice. She also landed a modeling contract for $6 million with Estee Lauder!80s-video-vixens-22
At the age of 51, Paulina is still stunning and enjoys a highly successful career. She was more recently a judge on ‘America’s Next Top Model’ and also did some time, briefly, on “Dancing with the Stars.”