One of the best parts of growing up in the 80’s was the cartoons but not just any cartoons but those made by Hanna Barbera! These shows brought us so much comedy, drama and adventure, it was hard to walk away from the TV when the Hanna-Barbera name came on the screen. See how many of these into theme songs you can remember.

Richie Rich

Richie was the luckiest cartoon kid ever, and we wanted nothing more than to have his life!

Super Friends

They were dedicated to peace and justice, and we were dedicated to this show.

Paw Paws

These were the coolest bears in town! We loved their serious expressions and the outfits they wore.

The Flintstone Kids

This show took a show that was already one of our favorites and put it more into our 80s kids’ style!

Flintstones Comedy Hour

For a full range of Flintstones spin-offs, the Flintstone Comedy Hour showed us grown-up Pebbles and Bam Bam, and even some new characters that we also grew to love in the 80s.

The Smurfs

Little blue people living in the mushroom forest and their nemesis Gargamel was always after them. Who was your favorite Smurf?

The New Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show

This show has appeared in many forms over the years, and while Scrappy-Doo appeared in the 70s, he got a comeback on this new version of the show.

The Snorks

These little underwater snorkel-headed people loved to dance, and had a super-sweet pet octopus, Occy.

Pound Puppies

Thanks to this cartoon we all had to go get us a stuffed Pound Puppy toy!

Pink Panther and Sons

This was another spin-off of a cartoon we already loved, and we got the best of both worlds: the classic Pink Panther goofiness, but with new 80s panther-kids to go on adventures with.