10 Reasons Why Life Was Better Back In The 80s

Everything was so much simpler back in the 80’s! Well, besides the Internet, nobody wants dial up to make a comeback so the 80’s can keep that one. But as far as I’m concerned, everything else was better. Cartoons were only on Saturdays. After you were done with your chores (you know, the things kids will only do for money these days), you might even get to watch them. Commercials were watched, not skipped, because nobody wanted to get up and change the channel. Ugh, milk, bread, and gas were cheaper and other things old people say. There was good wholesome tv programs where now it’s all reality shows. Do we really need to keep up with the Kardashians?

1. Four Words

Hannibal, Face, B.A., Murdock. Yes, the beloved A-Team! You never had to worry. If you needed them, they’d be there.better-80s-01

2. OJ

O.J. was Nordberg. Nordberg helped Frank save the Queen. We looked up to O.J. Simpson rather than being ashamed at who he has become.better-80s-02

3. Slap Bracelets

Cutting edge technology could be worn on your wrist and had wicked sharp edges. Exactly the right amount of dangerous. Slap bracelets were the most dangerous thing being brought into schools.CaAuIrD[1]

4. U.S.A. VS. CCCP

That is Russia to you kids. Spoiler alert… U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.better-80s-09

5. Movies

Don’t feed them after dark. Don’t look under your bed. Don’t buy dolls. Don’t talk to strangers. If you live on Elm Street, move!better-80s-04

6. Whip It

When a problem comes along…you must whip it! And everyone knew how to Whip It. And the 80s Whip It involved no nae Naebetter-80s-05

7. Trading Cards

You did NOT trade a Handy Randy for a Deaf Geoff. This was the currency during recess time!better-80s-06

8. Clothes

The first rule of Members Only club is you don’t talk about Members Only club. These jackets were everywhere! The mesh gloves and lets not forget the iconic one white studded Michael Jackson glove and the black leather O.J. glove.better-80s-07

9. Saturdays

Yes, we had school on Saturdays! On Saturdays, we learned something new. In between the great line up of cartoons was Schoolhouse Rock!better-80s-08

10. Big Hair

We stocked up on hair spray! Big hair, didn’t care. And the bands all had it too! The larger their hair, the louder the guitar riffs!tumblr_ntcldwWPk11qj4315o1_500[1]